Meet Our Board

Reno Improv is run by a dedicated board of volunteers who make Reno Improv a welcoming place for improvisors of all abilities. Each board member brings a unique skill set to the board and is committed to creating a growing and sustainable future for the Reno Improv community.

Our Board Members

Diana Martin, Board Chair, Education Committee. Diana is an experienced board member and educator. She leads Reno Improv’s “Improv for Educators” programs.

Jamie Clark, Vice Chair. Jamie is a manager and coach and improvisor at Reno Improv.

Heather Goulding, Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair. Heather is a non-profit management professional, and experienced improvisor.

Tim Mahoney, Operations Committee Chair. Tim has a background in theater management and is a senior coach and instructor.

Justin Kavanagh, Secretary, Education Committee Chair. Justin is a director and show manager Reno Improv.