ImproPal program

Be a pal.  An ImproPal!

The ImproPal Program is a new educational program of Reno Improv, designed to offer improvisers the opportunity to retake classes in our training program for free, in exchange for performing some ‘ambassadorial’ duties that support both the teacher of the class and their fellow students.


  • Take notes during each class meeting, summarizing the main takeaways.
  • Email or post class notes online so that every student can review them.
  • Model positive improv behaviors, both on- and offstage.
    • Onstage: Agreement, acceptance, enthusiasm, positivity
    • Offstage: Accepting notes graciously, being generous with praise
  • Organize appropriate, inclusive social activities (e.g., gelato after class) and trips to see shows.
  • Answer questions that students may have regarding future education and/or performance opportunities at Reno Improv.


  • Must have already taken the class for which you’ll be the ImproPal.
  • Must have attended an ImproPal orientation and training session prior to being placed in a class, and again annually for the duration of your participation in the program.
  • Must be available to attend every class meeting, barring an emergency.
  • Must desire to retake the class as a student; this is not a teaching or TA position.


  • Retake the class and re-up your improv skills free of charge.
  • Perform in the student showcase.
  • Connect with improvisers of all backgrounds and experience levels.
  • Gain experience to prepare for further training as an improv teacher or coach.
  • Be an important part of the Reno Improv community.

Upcoming orientations

None currently planned.  Check back often for updates, and Contact Us to let us know you’re interested!