Training Program

The Reno Improv training program gives students the knowledge and skills to thrive as improvisers.  Developed by experienced improv performers and instructors, the training program offers classes for absolute beginners, seasoned performers, and everyone in between.  Over the course of four levels, plus an optional “level zero,” students not only gain experience and confidence in their abilities, but they also develop valuable friendships with their classmates and instructors along the way.  Emphasizing spontaneity, commitment, and mutual support, the training program helps students become thoughtful, collaborative improv performers.

Most classes in the training program culminate in live showcase performances, where students can demonstrate what they’ve learned before an audience of friends, family, and members of the Reno Improv community.

Level 1: Introduction to Improv Performance

Apply the fundamentals of character, objective, relationship, and environment to improvised scenes and scenic games.  Learn more about Level 1.

Level 2: Scene Work I

Empower yourself and your scene partners with bold character choices and theatrical improvised scenes.  Learn more about Level 2.

Level 3: Scene Work II

Heighten your scene work with patterns, transformations, and group mind.  Learn more about Level 3.

Level 4: The Harold

Take the leap from student to performance team with the classic longform format.  Learn more about Level 4.