Special Topic: The Harold

The Harold

In Level 4, students will put all of the knowledge and skills obtained in the previous levels to work on stage as they form a full-fledged Harold team. In 8 weekly sessions, students will experiment with different openings and group games, heighten their scene work across three beats, play with various themes and editing techniques and develop as a cohesive ensemble performing the classic longform format:  The Harold.

This class culminates in a showcase performance, where students demonstrate what they’ve learned before a supportive audience of family, friends and fellow improvisers.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this class, students should be able to:

  • Form a cohesive ensemble team with their classmates.
  • Generate multiple ideas, characters, and themes from a single audience suggestion.
  • Establish strong foundational scenes upon which to build an entire show.
  • Effectively utilize group games as transitions and connections.
  • Heighten scenes using time-, location-, and theme-based jumps.
  • Create multiple realized worlds and explore the connections between them.
  • Perform a full-length improvised Harold.

Class Details

  • Length: 8 weeks, 2.5-hour weekly sessions
  • Early Bird Registration: $225
  • Regular Price: $275
  • Prerequisite: Level 3 or instructor approval
  • Age restrictions: 18+
  • Enrollment: 6 minimum, 14 maximum
  • No refunds

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