Level 0: The Joy of Improv

The Joy of Improv

Level 0 is an optional class for complete beginners.  It is ideal for students who have little or no performance experience, who might be nervous about trying improv for the first time, or who are just looking to ease into the art form.  In 6 weekly sessions, students will take their first steps in improv in a relaxed, mutually supportive environment.  Through warm-ups and games, students will get comfortable being on stage, learn the fundamentals of “Yes, And,” and have some fun!

Note:  Level 0 is not a required course within our training program.  Students have the option to begin their studies with us at Level 0 or Level 1.  Level 0 does not culminate in a student showcase performance.

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of this class, students should be able to:

  • Feel comfortable being on stage.
  • Play with others in a relaxed, mutually supportive environment.
  • Apply the basic improv fundamentals of “Yes, And” on stage.
  • Perform a variety of improv warm-ups and games.
  • Recognize the value of improv in off-stage situations and settings.

Class details

  • Length:  6 weeks, 2-hour weekly sessions
  • Price:  $120 (no refunds)
  • Prerequisite:  None
  • Age restrictions:  18+
  • Enrollment:  6 minimum, 14 maximum

Upcoming classes

2021 Regular Session 4

2021 Regular Session 5

Dates, times, and instructors are subject to change.  Enrollment for this class opens on October 23.

  • Dates:  November 4-December 16 (no class on November 25)
  • Day/Time:  Thursdays, 6pm-8pm
  • Instructor:  TBD
  • Note:  Due to Thanksgiving, this class meets 6 times over 7 weeks.