Level 1: Introduction to Improv Performance

Introduction to Improv Performance

Level 1 is designed for anyone interested in learning the art of improvised performance. In 8 weekly sessions, students will embrace the fundamentals of character, objective, relationship, and environment, and apply these in short improvised scenes and scenic games. Emphasizing listening, agreement, and mutual support, Level 1 is designed to teach valuable skills to performers and non-performers alike.

This class culminates in a showcase performance, where students demonstrate what they’ve learned before a supportive audience of family, friends, and fellow improvisers.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this class, students should be able to:

  • Share the stage constructively and collaboratively with other improvisers.
  • Accept, agree to, and build upon offers of other improvisers.
  • Actively listen to, recall, and contribute specific details on stage.
  • Create imaginary environments on stage through miming and object work.
  • Use emotions and objectives as building blocks for creating characters.
  • Make bold endowments for their scene partners to react to, and react to the endowments of others.
  • Perform confidently and supportively in basic improvised scenes and games.

Class Details

  • Length: 8 weeks, 2-hour weekly sessions
  • Price: $240 (no refunds)
  • Prerequisite: None
  • Age restrictions: 18+
  • Enrollment: 6 minimum, 14 maximum

Upcoming Classes

2023: Winter

Dates, times, and instructors are subject to change.

  • Dates: January 19 – March 6
  • Day/Time: Thursdays, 6-8 p.m.
  • Instructor: Amelia Giles