Level 2: Scene Work I

Scene Work I

Level 2 is for improvisers who wish to apply what they learned in Level 1 toward performing more complex and theatrical improvised scenes.  In 8 weekly sessions, students will learn how to make bold character choices, remain focused and in-the-moment, and empower themselves and their scene partners to create interesting theater.  Rather than trying to look for the “funny” choice, Level 2 emphasizes authentic, honest scene work that builds to a comedic climax.

This class culminates in a showcase performance, where students demonstrate what they’ve learned before a supportive audience of family, friends, and fellow improvisers.

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of this class, students should be able to:

  • Develop grounded, relationship-driven scenes between characters.
  • Be affected by what is happening on stage, and allow it to inform character choices.
  • Remain present, focused, and in-the-moment during scenes.
  • Make choices on stage that empower their scene partners.
  • Distinguish between heightening and deepening, and identify when to use them.
  • Affect the pacing of their scenes with edits, pivots, and other transitions.
  • Accept constructive feedback from the instructor and apply it to future scene work.

Class details

  • Length:  8 weeks 2 hour weekly sessions
  • Price:  $240 (no refunds)
  • Prerequisite:  Level 1 or instructor approval
  • Age restrictions:  18+
  • Enrollment:  6 minimum, 14 maximum

Upcoming classes

2022: Fall

Dates, times, and instructors are subject to change.

  • Dates: October 19 – December 14 (no class November 23)
  • Day/Time: Wednesdays, 6pm-8pm
  • Student Showcase: Saturday, December 17
  • Instructor: Jason Sarna
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