Indie night

Independent improv at the speed of fun!

Reno Improv’s Indie Night is a smooth blend of unscripted performances and cutting-edge comedy.  Part improv show, part open mic, Indie Night gives independent improv teams the opportunity to perform a 25-minute set on our stage, before a supportive audience of friends and fellow improvisers.  It’s perfect for improvisers of all levels to try something different, experiment with new formats, create teams with new people, and hone their craft in a welcoming environment.

How can my team perform at Indie Night?

Sign-ups for Indie Night open two weeks before each scheduled show.  Click on Upcoming Indie Nights below to see when you can sign up next.  There are 3 slots available at each Indie Night.  Sign-ups are first-come, first-served, with preference given to new teams over returning teams.  You do not need to be a student or graduate of Reno Improv to participate in Indie Night, all improvisers are welcome to sign up.

What are the guidelines for Indie Night?

You get 15 or 25 minutes

When you sign up for Indie Night, you have the option of selecting a full 25-minute slot, or a shorter 15-minute slot.  We will plan the show with these in mind, so we ask teams not to change their slot time after they’ve been confirmed to perform.  Whichever timeslot you choose, we will flash a 5-minute warning light to help keep you on track, and pull the lights after your full time is up.

Improvised, please

While we love scripted theater, sketch comedy, and stand-up, Indie Night is for improv performances only.

Try something new

We encourage improvisers to experiment with new forms and styles of improv for Indie Night.  You are welcome to sign up with your regular team and format, or form a one-night-only team just for this show.  It’s up to you!

Practice makes prepared

Indie Night welcomes experimental improv, new forms, and unscripted comedy, but we strongly encourage teams to practice their format in advance.

Keep it simple

Indie Night is a great place to try something new, but keep the technical and logistical capabilities of our theater in mind.  Formats that require advanced lighting, music, costumes, props, and other special effects are not well suited for Indie Night.

You don’t need any of that stuff anyway.  Just bring yourself, focus on doing good improv and having fun, and you’ll be golden!

You can’t fail

Both new and seasoned improvisers love performing at Reno Improv because the audience is completely supportive–we want you to succeed!  Our stage is the perfect spot to try a new format or gel with a new group of teammates.

Let’s get serious for a second

Reno Improv welcomes seasoned and aspiring improvisers from all walks of life to practice their improv and develop their comedic voice in a welcoming, supportive environment.  To ensure that everyone feels welcome to perform and support improvisers, we strongly discourage performances that rely on prejudices, harassment, misogyny, or language and behavior that blatantly disrespects others for the sake of a laugh.

We’re all adults here, so we know the difference between addressing a controversial topic at the top of our intelligence, and bashing someone based on their race, gender, disability, or sexual orientation.  Reno Improv is not a bar, it’s a theater and training center, so we reserve the right to inform you when your performance is crossing a line.

Thank you in advance for respecting fellow improvisers and audience members.

Upcoming Indie Nights

All scheduled Indie Night positions are filled.  Check back soon for updates!