Improv for Educators

Improvisation is not just something for comedians– it’s for everyone! It is all about living in the present moment, which is essential for good teaching practices. Improvisation exercises build teamwork, listening skills, and curious thinking — all skills that are as important to educators as they are to actors. Participants will leave with ways to enhance their own personal style by presenting their best selves in the classroom, conference room, or Back to School Night.

We offer two types of workshops for educators:

The Stand-alone Workshop

A 2-3 hour workshop to improve confidence in fluid situations. This educator workshop enhances skills in public speaking, focused listening, collaboration and specificity. All of these skills will lead to greater confidence and lower inhibitions when teaching. This will allow honest reactions and responses, which result in a more flexible teaching style. Aside from versatility, improv also celebrates the idea of failure. By encouraging people to take risks in a safe and fun environment, participants learn to treat mistakes as opportunities for growth and exploration.

The 3-Workshop Series to fit the school year

This series allows time between workshops to practice strategies, report back, and receive follow up training. These workshops dive deeper into improvisation strategies that will increase the effectiveness and comfort of:

  • Individualized instruction
  • Family-teacher conferences and visits
  • Inspiring, collaborating, and productively disagreeing with coworkers and others
  • Goal-setting and Evaluation meetings
  • Presenting to large and small groups
  • Storytelling

Participants will expand the listening and quick-reaction skills that are as necessary in the classroom as they are on stage. Our fun and engaging activities are transformative. They help people to enjoy the challenges and opportunities of unfamiliar experiences.

“Improv taught me to let loose, breathe differently, and learn to listen & trust & feel comfortable to laugh at myself.” -workshop participant

Diana Martin

Workshop leader: Diana Martin

Diana has taught elementary subjects, secondary mathematics, and theater courses for thirty years. She has worked in a wide variety of settings including trade school, public school, online school, a university teacher program, and special programs for gifted children. She has worked as an instructional coach for teachers and currently coaches a performance team at Reno Improv, where she also teaches improv drop-in classes. She is passionate about applying improv principles on and off stage.

“Diana was wonderful. Her warm personality + relatable disposition made it feel ok to mess up & go with the flow of it all.” – workshop participant