Classes & Training

Reno Improv provides a supportive and fun learning environment during every step of your improv journey. Our educational programs are designed to help you experience immediate success and have lots of fun in a safe, welcoming setting.

Training Program

Reno Improv’s training program offers four core levels of classes. Emphasizing spontaneity, commitment and mutual support, the training program helps students become thoughtful, collaborative improvisers. Learn more about the training program.

The Playground

The Playground is our weekly beginner-friendly improv workshop. Whether you’re trying improv for the first time, you want to get more comfortable on stage, or you’re just looking for something fun to do on a Saturday night, everyone is welcome! Learn more about The Playground.

Special Classes and Workshops

Our teachers and coaches periodically offer classes and workshops on special topics outside of our training program. From time to time, we also invite experienced performers and teachers from other theaters and cities to share their expertise with us. Learn more about our workshops.

Teachers and Coaches

Reno Improv’s dedicated teachers are committed to your success as an improviser. Learn more about our teachers.